What's New - Version 5.3

July 5, 2024

What's New in Avonni Components for Flows

Introducing the Open Flow Panel interaction, a new way to embed flows directly into side panels of supported Avonni Components. This feature helps you create more streamlined and engaging user experiences by:

  • Refreshing data dynamically: Keep information up-to-date across multiple flows.

  • Managing sections more easily: Simplify complex layouts and overcome nesting limitations.

  • Optimizing screen space: Present information and actions without cluttering the main view.

  • Enhancing user experience: Provide a smooth and intuitive way for users to interact with multiple flows.

Combine the Open Flow Panel with the versatility of Avonni components to build custom interfaces that fit your unique business needs.

Open Flow Panel interaction in action

We're introducing the Refresh All Queries interaction! This powerful interaction instantly updates all the Avonni Components configured with the Query Data Source on your screen flow or page, ensuring that your users always see the latest information.

How It Works

Imagine a scenario where you have an Avonni Metric component showing key sales statistics. When a user updates opportunity data using an Avonni Data Table, the Refresh All Queries interaction allows the Metric component to automatically refresh and display the updated figures without manual intervention. This creates a seamless and dynamic user experience.

The new "Open Quick Action" interaction lets you easily trigger Salesforce Quick Actions directly from your Avonni components. For example, you could add a button to a Data Table that opens the "Send Email" Quick Action for selected contacts.

We've added support for Leaflet Maps to the Avonni Map component! Leaflet is a powerful open-source JavaScript library that enables more interactive and customizable maps than Google Maps.

Key Benefits of Leaflet Maps:

  • Dynamic Filtering: As users zoom or scroll, the map automatically updates to show only relevant markers, creating a more engaging user experience.

  • High Performance: Leaflet can smoothly handle many markers without slowing down, making it ideal for dense maps.

We've added a System Mode option for the Query Data Source. This feature is beneficial when you embed a flow containing Avonni components with Query Data Sources into an Experience Cloud Site.

Why System Mode?

System Mode ensures that guest users can see all the data they're supposed to in your embedded flows. This is important because, without System Mode, guest users might have limited access due to their permissions. By enabling System Mode, the query bypasses user-specific permissions and fetches data based on the permissions of the Salesforce system user.

Data Table Enhancements

Edit and Preview Imported Data Before Saving to Salesforce

Now, you can use the Avonni Data Table even if the data doesn't exist in Salesforce yet. This is perfect for scenarios like importing data from a CSV file, where you might want to review and edit the imported data before creating new records in Salesforce.

Picklist Values Now Filtered by Record Type

The Data Table picklist fields will automatically display the correct values based on users' viewing or editing record type.

Option to Always Show Save/Cancel Buttons During Editing

We've added a new "Always Display the Bottom Bar" setting for the Data Table. When enabled, the Save and Cancel buttons at the bottom will always be visible, even when not actively editing a row. This works in the standard view and when "Display as Input" is enabled.

You can now easily embed and play Vimeo videos directly using the Avonni Video Player component.

Visual Picker - Add Query Data Source support

The Avonni Visual Picker now supports the Query Data Source.

What's New in Avonni Components for Experience Cloud Sites

The Record Detail component now lets you create custom layouts! You can choose which fields to show and arrange them however you like.

Custom Layout Editor for the Avonni Record Detail component in Experience Cloud

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