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Avonni Chip Container

The Avonni Chip Container is a flow screen component designed to display a set of labeled values or tags in a visually pleasing and easy-to-understand way. It consists of a horizontal row or rows of "chips," which are small, rounded rectangles representing individual values or tags. Each chip typically contains a label or text describing its value.


  • Add support for External Experience Cloud Guest Users



  • Add styling hooks for font-size, font-weight, and font-style

Color Picker

  • Add option to display color palette in mode inline


  • Add an option to display a search engine and filters

  • Add object-fit to the avatar image.


  • Add styling hooks for secondary prefix

  • Add an option to display a progress circle or a progress bar

  • Add styling hooks for font size and font weight, …



  • Include object collection fields to the interaction editor

  • Allow inline editing for the field “Name

  • Search fill not displayed correctly in running mode

Input Counter

  • Fix alignment for variant “label-inline” when adding a margin to the component.


  • Image attributes not displayed correctly in running mode

Component Builder


  • Ability to align the whole component to the left, center, or right.

  • Ability to add margin and padding to a component

  • Data Collection Lookup: Allow selection of Record Collection variables


  • Style Editor - Add the fallback value to the slds token

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