Version 4.2

Welcome to the version 4.2 release notes, showcasing a suite of enhancements and new components designed to elevate your experience with Flow Builder and Experience Cloud Builder.

Get ready to enhance your platform's interactivity, data presentation, and overall user experience.

Flow Builder

New Screen Flow Component

The Avonni Record Detail Component boosts Screen Flows by efficiently presenting data, like client records in support flows. Its adaptable, user-friendly layouts enhance service and data-driven processes.

  • Purpose: Enhances data display by organizing multiple Salesforce record fields.

  • Layout Options:

    • Full: Display all the fields.

    • Custom: User-defined field arrangement.

    • Compact: Display only selected fields that are selected to be in a compact layout on Salesforce.

  • Density Control:

    • Compact: Minimized white space.

    • Comfy: Balanced spacing for readability.

    • Auto: Automatically adjusts based on screen size.


Avonni Calendar

  • Pull to Boundary: Expands the calendar to full screen, eliminating unnecessary margins for a more integrated view within Salesforce.

  • Right-Click Menu Customization: Offers the ability to tailor the context menu options, enhancing user interaction with the calendar.

  • Click and Expand for New Events: Simplifies event creation by allowing users to click and drag to define new events quickly.

  • Week Numbers Display: Incorporates week numbers into the calendar, aiding in more precise schedule planning and tracking.

  • Selection Range Customization: Introduces attributes to set minimum and maximum limits for item selection, ensuring users pick the desired options when using the Checkbox Type.

  • Salesforce Object Record Output: Selected items are now outputted as Salesforce Object records.

  • Dependent Picklists: This feature introduces a dynamic hierarchy to your picklists. Key improvements include:

    • Selections in one field automatically refine the options in the next.

    • Enhances user experience by providing a logical, step-by-step navigation through options, making the selection process more intuitive and efficient.

  • Controlling Value for Selections: Further streamlining is achieved with this feature, which allows for a more guided user interaction. Specific advantages include:

    • Ability to set a primary, controlling value that dictates the options in subsequent selections.

    • Simplifies the decision-making process for users by providing a structured and intuitive pathway through selections, reducing complexity and minimizing errors

  • Field Formatting: Automates the formatting of Number, Percent, and Currency fields based on predefined metadata, promoting consistency and accuracy in data presentation across the board

  • You can specify item variables in the Data Table component's "Navigate" interaction. This upgrade lets you craft dynamic, context-aware actions within your table. For example, you can set up each row to open a File Preview, with the content tailored to the data in that row, making your interactions more responsive and relevant.

Experience Cloud Builder

The Avonni Gallery Component enhances Experience Cloud sites with versatile, customizable slideshows and tabs, ensuring engaging, cohesive user interfaces.

  • Variants: Choose between 'slideshow' and 'tabs' to match your content presentation style.

  • Customization: Offers attributes to manage title, caption, content, and media positioning, allowing for a dynamic and visually appealing display.

The Avonni List Component boosts engagement on Experience Cloud sites with flexible, searchable layouts and customizable content, enhancing user experience and data access.

  • Flexibility: Choose between Horizontal and Vertical layouts for varied visual presentations.

  • Customization & Searchability: Customize with title, caption, and content attributes. An integrated search engine enhances data interaction and user navigation.

The Reactive feature in Experience Cloud enhances component interaction. For example, clicking on a map marker showing an account's location can dynamically reveal related contact details in a data table, linking geographic data with relevant records. This interactivity ensures a connected, efficient, and insightful user experience on the site.

  • Reactive-Ready Components: Upgrades Data Table, List, Map, and Timeline components to be reactive, enhancing responsiveness and user interaction.

  • Interactive Use Cases: Offers enriched features such as interactive maps and auto-refreshing data tables, boosting the overall user experience.

  • Reactive Data Setup: Provides detailed guidance on integrating and interacting with reactive data components, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process.

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