Version 4.0

🚀 Launch Alert: Avonni Components 4.0 🌟

Avonni Components 4.0 is not just an update; it's a giant leap for your Salesforce experience across multiple builders!

New Features

Experience Cloud Components

  • 27 New Native Components: We're thrilled to introduce 27 new native Avonni Components, exclusively crafted to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of Salesforce Experience Cloud Sites.


  • Summarize Attributes with Formatting Options: Now, add formatting to summarize values, like currency codes and maximum fraction digits, bringing clarity and precision.

  • Support for Hyperlink Formula Field: Enhance your Kanban boards with hyperlinks directly in formula fields.

  • Group by Record Type: Users can now group Kanban cards by Record Type, providing more flexibility and customized views.

Data Source - Picklist Values

  • Filter by Record Type: Enhance your data management with the ability to filter Picklist Values by specifying a Record Type.


Avonni Data Table

  • Inline Editing with Combobox for Record Type: Streamline data management with new inline editing capabilities, allowing you to quickly change the record type via a combobox.

  • Lookup Fields Inline Editing: Enhance your user experience with a combobox for inline editing of lookup fields.

  • WCAG 2.1 Color Updates: In our commitment to accessibility, we have reviewed and updated all color contrasts per the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

Progress Indicator

  • Styling Hooks and Custom Icons: Customize your progress indicators with new styling hooks and the ability to use custom icons.

Date Time Picker

  • Enhanced handling of disabled dates, including hour-specific restrictions

Bug Fixes

Avonni Data Table

  • Query Filtering: Fixed an issue with >= operators and date values when filters involve a formula.

  • Error Handling: Improved the data table's behavior to show no results instead of an error when a query fails or returns nothing.

  • Refresh Query: Addressed the problem where not all records were updated after a data table refresh.


  • Scoped Border Display: Resolved an issue where the border around a tabset was not displayed when scoped was set to true.


Avonni Components 4.0 brings substantial improvements that will refine your experience and bolster your capabilities within Salesforce. Whether you're organizing records with our new Kanban features or streamlining data editing with enhanced Data Table functionalities, these updates are designed to keep you efficient and effective.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, which are vital in shaping the Avonni Components roadmap. Upgrade to version 4.0 today and elevate your Salesforce Experience Cloud Websites like never before

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