Version 4.1

2023 Holiday Update Release Notes

Empowering Salesforce with Advanced Capabilities

As 2023 concludes, Avonni's commitment to equipping Salesforce admins and technical architects with developer-like capabilities within the Salesforce environment has seen significant advancements. This Holiday Update introduces transformative features for Experience Cloud Sites and Salesforce Flows, aimed at accelerating Salesforce app creation up to 10 times faster, with no-code solutions.

What's New in Experience Cloud Sites

Avonni Publisher transforms how you create content on Salesforce Experience Cloud sites. It allows you to effortlessly integrate and post directly to Chatter feeds, supporting various content types like updates and questions. This leads to more dynamic and engaging community interactions, making sharing information and sparking discussions directly from your Experience Cloud site easier.

  • Direct Chatter Integration: Seamlessly create Chatter feed items from Experience Cloud sites.

  • Content Variety: Supports various content types, including posts and questions, for dynamic community engagement.

Avonni Feed enhances community engagement on Salesforce Experience Cloud sites by allowing you to display key interactions like discussions and activities. It also gives you the flexibility to customize these feeds. You can set who can see and interact with them and filter the content to match your site's specific goals and needs, making it a more tailored and relevant experience for your users.

  • Chatter Feed Showcase: Display relevant interactions on Experience Cloud sites.

  • Customizable Feeds: Tailor feeds with specific permissions and filters to align with site goals.

Avonni Chip Container for Experience Cloud Sites offers an elegant display of data. It's perfect for neatly organizing tags, categories, or filters in a compact, interactive format. You can customize the color, size, and labels to match your site's design, enhancing functionality and visual appeal.

  • Interactive Display: Ideal for compactly displaying tags, categories, or filters.

  • Full Customization: Tailor color, size, and label to fit site aesthetics.

Enhancements in Salesforce Flows

The Avonni Input Choice Set enhances Salesforce forms by offering a range of input types like checkboxes and toggles, customizable layouts, and responsive design. It's ideal for creating user-friendly, adaptable forms tailored to specific needs.

  • Multiple Input Types: Supports checkboxes, radio buttons, toggles, and button selections.

  • Flexible Layouts: Customizable column layouts for tailored visual and functional requirements.

  • Responsive Design: Adapts to various screen sizes for a consistent user experience.

  • Customizable Labels: Adjust appearance and position for a personalized touch.

New Avonni Lottie: Introducing Animations

Avonni Lottie introduces dynamic animations to Salesforce, enriching the user interface with high-quality vector animations. Its support for JSON files ensures compatibility with a wide range of creative designs, bringing a new level of visual appeal to your Salesforce pages.

  • Dynamic Animations: Enhance UI with high-quality vector animations.

  • JSON File Support: Broad compatibility with creative animation designs.

We've simplified the process for saving drawings created with the Input Pen component in Salesforce, making it more straightforward to configure.

  • Document Saving: Save drawings as documents within Salesforce.

  • Auto Save: Automatically preserves all creative works.

Effortlessly organize your data by grouping rows based on specific field values, enhancing clarity and ease of navigation.

Additional Component Updates

Activity Timeline: 'Show More' Button

  • Incremental Loading: Effortlessly load other timeline items.

Kanban: Query Data Source

  • Custom Data Fetching: Tailor data presentation with specific criteria.

Using the Transform element as a variable

We've simplified data management in Salesforce's Flow Builder with our latest Avonni Components update. Using the ' Transform ' feature, you can easily name your data items (variables). This means less hassle in organizing your data, making your workflow smoother and more user-friendly.

Query Data Source integration on various components:

  • Chip Container

  • Combobox

  • Dual Listbox

  • Avatar Group

  • Pill Container

  • Vertical Visual Picker

Visual Picker: Enhanced Customization

  • New Styling Options: Additional properties for titles, descriptions, and tags.

  • Field Customization: Specify displayed information according to needs.

Looking Forward to 2024

As we approach 2024, these updates begin our journey to revolutionize Salesforce functionality. We eagerly anticipate your feedback on these new features and their impact on your Salesforce operations. Prepare for 2024, as it promises to be a year of even more innovative and groundbreaking advancements in Salesforce.

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