Releases Process

We understand that upgrading a package can sometimes lead to unexpected issues. We've designed a specific release process to minimize surprises and give you control over when your Salesforce environments are updated.

Here's how it works

  1. Early Access: Before a major release, we provide select customers with early access, allowing them to test new features in a controlled environment and report any issues. We then incorporate this feedback and move to a pre-release stage, conducting extensive testing across various configurations to refine further and ensure the new version's stability.

    • By participating in our Early Access program, you'll gain exclusive access to new features and enhancements before they're released to the general public. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us refine and perfect these components.

  2. Sandbox Updates: When confident in a new version's stability, we automatically roll it out to your Salesforce sandboxes. This gives you a dedicated environment to test the updates against your specific customizations thoroughly.

  3. Production Choice: While we aim to give you complete control over your production environment, we also understand the importance of staying up-to-date. We typically wait 4-6 weeks after the initial sandbox release of a new Avonni Components package before automatically updating production organizations. This delay allows us to:

    • Monitor for Compatibility: Ensure seamless integration with any recent Salesforce releases.

    • Address Early Issues: Identify and resolve unexpected bugs arising after broader testing.

    This balanced approach minimizes disruption while keeping your Avonni components current and optimized. If you need more time to test in your sandbox or have specific concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

  4. Detailed Release Notes: We provide comprehensive release notes with every update. These notes detail new features, improvements, and known issues. You can always find the latest release notes at:

In rare cases, we may automatically update production organizations before the typical 4-6 week window if we discover critical bugs or security vulnerabilities that could significantly impact your experience with Avonni Components.

We encourage you to

  • Participate in early access programs: Help us improve the quality of our components by providing valuable feedback.

  • Review release notes carefully: Understand the impact of each update before applying it to production.

  • Test in your sandbox: Thoroughly test new versions in your sandbox environment to ensure compatibility.

We're confident that this release process will give you the confidence and control to upgrade your Avonni components smoothly and successfully.

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