Version 2.4

March 30, 2023

Introducing the Avonni Flow Screen Components 2.4 release with new features and updates to enhance your Salesforce Flow Builder experience.

New Component

  • Formatted Value: Format text, numbers, dates, and datetime values. Reactive ready.

Component Updates

  1. Activity Timeline: Now supports multiple collections.

  2. Data Table:

    • Inline edit for picklist and multi-picklist fields.

    • New property: nbSelectedRows.

  3. Header: Improved avatar alignment.

  4. List: New property - sortedItems.

Breaking Change

List Component - Default Clickable Behavior Updated

Previously, list items were clickable by default. However, to provide a more customizable user experience, we have updated this behavior.

From this release onwards, list items will no longer be clickable by default. To enable clickable items within the List component, you must specifically activate this functionality from the properties panel.

Component Builder

  1. Standard and Custom Templates: Save time with reusable templates.

  2. Pull to Boundary: Precise positioning for top, bottom, left, or right boundaries.

Experience the powerful tools and resources of Avonni Flow Screen Components 2.4 and create stunning user interfaces in Salesforce Flow Builder!

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