Version 1.1

Major Features

New Screen Components

In this release, we launched 6 new screen components to extend the possibilities of building more powerful Flow Components.

New Action Components

Plus, we launched a bunch of new action components to build custom functionality without writing code for your flow.

  • Create Content Document

  • Number Collection Get Value

  • SObject Collection Get Record

  • SObject Collection Join

  • SObject Collection Math

  • SObject Collection Text Format

  • SObject Collection To Text Collection

  • Text Collection Get Value

  • Text Collection Join

  • Text Collection Text Format

Introducing the Canvas Editor

We've made it super easy to access some of the main settings of a screen component right from the canvas.

Other Improvements

Datatable component

  • You can now add a Pagination Bar at the bottom of the datatable.

  • Enabled the new Virtual Rendering attributes

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