Version 3.0

A Powerhouse of New Components and Enhancements! July 4, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the release of Avonni Version 3.0. Dive into our most comprehensive update yet, featuring innovative components, enhanced functionalities, and improved user experience to supercharge your screen flows.

New Components

  • Audio Player: This component lets users play and interact with audio content. It supports MP3, WAV, and OGG file types.

  • CSV Parser: This user interface element allows users to parse and view data within a CSV file on a flow screen.

  • Video Player: This component lets users play and interact with video content. It supports MP4, WebM, OGG, and YouTube videos.

Updated Components

We've given a major facelift to our existing components, improving functionality and user experience:


We've introduced a uniform pagination styling across the Data Table, List, and Activity Timeline components.

Activity Timeline

  • We've added filters for an enhanced user experience.

  • We have improved the responsiveness of the component.

  • An integrated header is now part of the component, no need for a separate Avonni Header component.


Added responsiveness for tags for better tag handling.

Avatar Group

  • Introduced a search engine for a smoother search experience.

  • Added filters for more tailored user interaction.

Button Group

Added a responsive button menu when space is tight.


The component now supports multiple collections for greater functionality.


  • Enabled a text collection variable as a data source.

  • New feature to display combobox options only when a user initiates a search.

Data Table

  • The "Export To" feature allows file name mapping with a flow variable.

  • The "Select all items" feature shows a notification banner, prompting users to select all items.

  • Introduced a "Rich Text" column with a customizable toolbar.

  • The new "Update Records" interaction allows users to save changes to multiple records within a data table without adding an Update records element in your flow.

  • The new “Copy Records” interaction facilitates copying and transferring data to applications like Excel.

  • An integrated header section has been added; there's no need to use the separate Avonni Header component to create a table header.

  • You can now set fields as filters for fields not specified in the data table.

Dual Listbox

Enabled a text collection variable as a data source.

Progress Circle

The title display has been optimized to a maximum of three lines.

Progress Indicator

The ability to display step label, specify sub steps, add icon name and size, and more!

Input Date Range

Improved responsiveness for a smoother user experience.



  • Combobox: Implemented lazy loading for options.

  • Data Table: Optimized the pagination display and fixed the "Export to" functionality.

Component Builder Updates

  • Property Editor Panel: You can now see the number of interactions in the tabset.

  • Property Editor Lookup: Now shows loop variable.

Gear up for a richer, smoother, and more efficient user experience with Version 3.0.

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