Version 3.5


In our ongoing mission to empower Salesforce administrators and technical architects, we proudly present an array of enhancements and new features in our latest release. This curated update symbolizes a significant advancement in redefining user interaction, data management, and navigation experiences.

Avonni Navigation

New Feature: Target Name in "Select" Interaction

Administrators can now curate more precise navigation experiences by defining specific redirection paths.

Avonni Data Table


  • Immediate refresh following the “Update Records” action, ensuring the display of up-to-date data.

  • Introduction of the "wrapTextMaxLines" attribute for more controlled text wrapping.

  • Lookup fields are now editable.

  • Allowance for an automatic 'refresh query' execution post 'Open Flow Dialog' interactions, improving data reliability.

Avonni Tabs and Calendar


  • Flexibility is introduced in tabs, allowing them to be disabled or hidden, thereby refining UI visibility.

  • The calendar comes with improvements in responsiveness and an enhanced display arrangement, improving usability.

    1. On the Timeline view, display one scroll rather than two.

    2. Add a popover menu to select a date when filtering options are configured.

    3. On the calendar panel, dates with an event are marked.

    4. Adjust the calendar to show the closest date that matches your search or filter criteria.

User Interaction

New Features:

  • Facilitation of record creation with the availability of pre-filled values in the “Create Record” interaction.

  • Enhanced “Open Flow Dialog” interactions by including the “Menu Item Name” as a new variable.

Query Data Source Functionality


  • Incorporation of multi-picklist fields in queries for a more enriched and detailed data extraction process.

  • A "Custom Fields" section has been introduced to enhance the adaptability and flexibility of queries. This addition allows the inclusion of specific fields directly into the query without adding them to the data table. This feature is particularly beneficial when there is a need to utilize specific fields exclusively for interactions or in subsequent screens, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient querying process.

Final Thoughts

This release unveils many meticulously crafted features and enhancements to boost user interaction, data table functionalities, and query capabilities within Salesforce. It is a formidable precursor to the upcoming Avonni Components V4, which promises to be a hallmark of remarkable advancements and innovations. This commitment signifies our continuous effort to push the boundaries of possibilities within Flow Builder, especially concerning screen flows.

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