Version 3.1

Aug 11, 2023

Welcome to version 3.1! This release brings exciting new features and important fixes to our Screen Components. We hope you enjoy these improvements.


Avonni Alert

  • Line-Clamp Styling Hook: We have now added a line-clamp styling hook for content to enhance the look and feel of your alerts.

Avonni Button Group

  • Disable and Hide Buttons: This update introduces the ability to disable and hide buttons in the group for better control and usability.

Avonni Calendar

  • Filters and Search: Enhance your scheduling and event tracking with our new filter and search features on the Calendar component.

Avonni Data Table

  • Search Queries on Specified Fields: Users can now perform search queries on specified fields in the dataset, regardless of their display status in the table view.

  • Display Errors in the Footer: For better error management, we have added a feature to display errors in the footer of the Data Table.

  • Hidden Property to Columns: Add a hidden property to your columns for a more flexible data display.

  • DefaultSearchValue Attribute: A new attribute, "defaultSearchValue", is now available.

  • Lookup Type: We've enhanced the "Lookup" data type to display the correct record name instead of the record ID. Moreover, with our 'linkify' feature, it will automatically direct you to the corresponding record page, ensuring seamless navigation and enriched data interaction.

Avonni Formatted Value

  • Lookup Type: Following the update in the Data Table, we added the new "Lookup" type to Formatted Value to maintain consistency across components.

Avonni Image

  • Image Magnifier: The new feature allows users to add a zoom option to improve image interactivity. Choose from three options: Inner, Standard, and Follow.

  • Image Comparison Slider: Our new slider feature allows comparing two images.

Avonni List

  • Card Option for Divider: We introduced a new option, "card" for dividers, allowing for more flexible list separation.

  • Infinite Loading: This update brings infinite loading to your lists, ensuring seamless browsing.

  • Fields for Each List Item: Increase your list's information density by adding fields to each list item.

Avonni Progress Indicator

  • Variable for Completed and Error Steps: With this update, you can use variables for completed and error steps in your progress indicators.


Avonni Data Picker

  • User Timezone: The Data Picker now uses the user's timezone, providing more accurate and relevant date and time information.

Avonni Data Table

  • Hide Non-Filterable Columns: For a better user experience, we now hide non-filterable columns in the Data Table.

  • Filter for Picklist Fields: We've made a small but significant tweak - all picklist values will now be shown by default when filtering picklist fields.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it for you. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to contact us with any comments or suggestions. Happy Building!

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